Door & Drawer Fronts

Cabinet doors and the drawer fronts are 95% of what’s seen and is one of the biggest decisions to be made. Because we’ve partnered with WalzCraft we can offer hundreds of styles in many wood species. 

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Cabinet Color

Next to the style of door, the color or stain will be your next big decision. Because we are a custom shop you can pick from any of the Benjamin Moore paint colors or endless custom stain options. For all projects we apply the selected color(s) to a sample door(s) for final approval.

Onsite Vs. Pre-finished Cabinets

Let’s start by saying we offer both but so let’s check out the differences.

Onsite Finishing

  • Pros
    • With onsite finishing you get a higher-end look. The joints between the cabinets are all filled prior to painting so the cabinets look as if they’re one piece including the crown molding.
    • The cabinets get installed faster allowing your countertops to be measured that much sooner. The countertops can be in production during the finishing process vs. after which can save 2-3 weeks.
    • During the construction process trade folks have a tendency to damage cabinets no matter how well they are protected. With onsite finishing a touch-up spray is included in the cost.
    • Ideal for ceiling height designs.
  • Cons
    • Can be a bit disruptive as the room needs to be quarantined off for as long as it takes to get the job done, usually 3-7 days.
    • Stained finishes are not available for onsite application.


  • Pros
    • Are less disruptive to the home if you’re not doing new construction or a major remodel.
    • Is best for frameless cabinets.
  • Cons
    • Joints are more visible.

Frameless VS. Traditional Framed Cabinets

We offer both styles but for different purposes. We use frameless cabinets exclusively when using full overlay cabinet doors, meaning the doors/drawers cover virtually all of the cabinet’s front edge. For cabinet designs that incorporate inset doors/drawers, a face frame must be used. To achieve an inset door look we utilize an overlay crown starter and filler that makes the frame look flush with the door fronts.

FYI: If budget is a concern inset doors/drawers cost approximately 35% more than frameless cabinets.

Drawer Slides and Hinges

Our standard drawer slides are Blum hidden soft close. We know cabinet part brands don’t make it into the mainstream but trust us when we say they are the best available anywhere in the world and boast a Made In America label. Our standard hinges are also Blum soft close.

Drawer Boxes

We use 5/8″ thick hard maple dovetail drawers as a standard. We can upgrade to many other wood species, walnut is a popular one, as well as beefing them up to 3/4″ thick walls for those heavy-duty drawers. All are clear coated to give them a durable rich look and smooth feel.